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The cornerstone secret to my coaching technique is knowing the value of connecting trauma with the journey of triumph. This technique allows you to harness the power of your voice.

I have dedicated my life to helping women heal, by taking them step-by-step through their trauma first, then, help create the triumphant life waiting for them on the other side.

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Christina L. Mial

 Author, Mentor, Pastor

"Ministering with Minister Vioree Brandon is truly an example of this Word. Sometimes, in ministry, we as women can become a little jaded from the journey. When you have someone you walk with that not only exhibits the fullness of faith, but that you see first hand how God honors their words, you can’t help but be encouraged to stay the course."


Michaiah Dominguez

 M.A. & M.H.C

"Vioree is a powerhouse. After a session with her, no matter how brief, I always walk away feeling empowered. She somehow knows exactly what to say to speak directly to my situation. Her words are life-giving. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by sorrow I can count on receiving a word that is sure to give hope; reaffirming my purpose when I lose sight of the big picture. More importantly, I know that her wisdom is birthed from life experiences. Vioree's strength is in her story and her voice carries that message"


Lady Danika Norman

 Entrepreneur, Mentor, Pastor

Watching Vioree usher in the spirit of the lord was dynamic. I used the word dynamic because it means, characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. Witnessing her usher in the spirit through exaltation, Everything Shift. She is a living example of Isaiah 61:3. The people might have came in heavy but by the time she finished exalting, they had to change the garment of heaviness to a spirit of praise.

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