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Have you ever felt like you needed a fresh start? Like the trials of life have weighed you down and you’re stuck in your current situation? We have all been there. Whether you’re a new follower of Christ, or have been saved several years, you’re not immune to seasons of discouragement, frustration, hurt, loss, or loneliness. You need a new start!


In this 30-day devotional, My New Starts Now, Vioree Brandon provides encouragement, insight, direction, and affirmation to help you focus on God and move beyond the entrapments of life that try to hinder you from fulfilling your purpose. Drawing from her life experiences of dealing with personal tragedy, depression, insecurity, and guilt, Vioree candidly shares her heart and shows how God helped navigate her through her journey. She addresses common frustrations and roadblocks you deal with in your walk with God, and offers practical advice and scriptural references that you can apply daily to feel renewed.


Thought-provoking, honest, funny, and above all, real, Vioree challenges you face the underlying issues—often ignored—that contribute to your discontentment. Filled with words of faith, powerful prayers, and journal space to write your own thoughts, My New Starts Now will help you break free from whatever has been holding you back so you can have a fresh start in Christ.

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