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In 2014, Vioree moved her testimony and teachings from the pulpit to print and debuted her self-published book My New Starts Now. This 30-day devotional is a go-to resource for encouragement, insight, direction, and affirmation for both men and women. Drawing from her life experiences with personal tragedy, depression, insecurity, and guilt, Vioree candidly shares her heart with her readers to encourage them to pursue their God-ordained purposes.
With robust teaching, worship and sharing ministry, Vioree have traveled extensively both nationally and abroad; she's led workshops and taught in Africa, Aruba and has amassed a loyal following of supporters who draw inspiration and strength from her powerful ministry.




She is a picture of renaissance, regalia and burdened with an unmistakable call: she is Vioree Brandon: the quintessential entrepreneurial who lives a life of faith, passion, and purpose. An artistic visionary, author, evangelist, and, liturgical dancer, Vioree is the founder and principal of Divine Enterprise LLC; – a creative and arts-based collective that is home to several faith-based brands.
Vioree has been fueled by her creative prowess and entrepreneurial drive for as long as she can remember. Born in Ohio and raised in Brooklyn, Vioree began refining her innate knack for dance and movement as a young girl and grew as a minister of liturgical dance.
In 2006, Vioree founded the Divine Worship Dance Academy in Brooklyn, New York, where she began teaching and mentoring other dancers to use their bodies as vehicles to glorify God through worship and sacred arts. Through the Academy, her passion for teaching, empowering and encouraging became evident which led to her acceptance of the call to ministry as an evangelist. As a minister, Vioree has an unpretentious and practical delivery of the gospel and emphasizes messages of restoration, faith, healing, and hope. Drawing from her personal experiences of loss, hardship, and journey with faith, Vioree delivers with compassion and conviction, and her impact on the lives of women has become a hallmark of her ministry.

To compliment her ministerial assignments, Vioree also embraces her fashion and beauty savvy and enjoys celebrating womanhood. As another means to empower women to live their lives boldly and confidently, Vioree launched Divine Nail Lacquer; her signature line of vegan-friendly nail polishes. Each color is inspired by and named to declare faith, promise, and power for the women who wear it.
Vioree Brandon is multi-dimensional, passionate and in constant pursuit of living a life inspired by the divinity of God. She lives in motion, on purpose, and without apologies. Her can-do attitude has been the thrust of her entrepreneurial pursuits; and with a sure call, and God's hand, she has no plan on stopping.

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